About Hrenya Senatore LLP

Approach and Background

Mark Hrenya and Gabriela Senatore established Hrenya Senatore LLP to provide tax law and employment law counsel for domestic and international clients, with an overarching commitment to delivering the highest quality legal services in both areas. The firm's core values include providing those services with an exceptional level of professionalism and devoting precise attention to each client's specific needs and goals.

Formerly a tax partner in two distinguished law firms, Mark Hrenya possesses a breadth and depth of experience in tax law that spans several decades. He assists U.S. companies with issues at home and abroad and also handles tax matters within the U.S. for non-U.S. based companies. His clients also include highly compensated individuals, as well as venture capital and other private equity funds.

Gabriela Senatore practiced employment law in Argentina for 16 years, providing services to a wide range of business and individual clients as both counsel and litigator. She holds a J.D. and LL.M. in International Business Transactions and is licensed to practice in both Colorado and Argentina. Her employment law practice embraces a range of issues affecting both employers and employees.

Clients and Services

Clients include U.S.-based and foreign businesses of all sizes in diverse industries and markets, as well as individuals located in the U.S. and overseas. The firm's multilingual capability in English, Spanish, Italian, and French is an asset in both domestic and international matters.

Offering a unique combination of experience in both tax law and employment and labor law in domestic and international matters, Hrenya Senatore is particularly well-positioned to handle situations that raise questions in both areas, such as contract negotiations and tax planning for international executives and cross-border employee secondments and transfers.

Hrenya Senatore takes great pride in offering highly-individualized services and providing those services with the utmost professionalism. The firm welcomes inquiries from businesses and individuals requiring tax law counsel or planning and employers and employees needing assistance with employment and labor law matters. Inquiries from small and mid-size law firms seeking tax law or employment law counsel are also welcomed.

Additional information about the firm's attorneys and practice areas is available on those pages or by contacting Hrenya Senatore.

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